Monday, December 27, 2010

Give Back Sunday {Portraits Tulsa, OK}

This is not a portrait session. These were candid shots I took at a special event at our church. As people were lined up for assistance, my sons passed out candy and cookies to them. This is the second year we've participated and it is always a great feeling to join in and get to help members of our community.

Jones-Pahukoa Family {Family Portraits Tulsa, OK}

Mr. Kyle {Individual Portraits Tulsa, OK}

Kyle is the son of my sister-in-law's sister. He's a great kid, and it was great to spend some time with him and grab these shots.

On the Farm {Family Portraits Tulsa, OK}

We took these pictures down at my grandparents home in my hometown. The first picture is my mother, with some random shots around the barn of my wife and boys, with a special shot of my oldest with his guitar.

My Family {Family Portraits Tulsa, OK}

The only family that you might see on my blog more than my brother's in my own. When my wife asks for something, like getting pictures taken...or anything at all for that matter...she usually gets it. This occasion was our Christmas portraits.

The Ryan Family (Part 2) {Family Portraits Tulsa, OK}

If you are a frequent viewer of this blog, you're going to see a lot of this particular family. The dad is my big brother, and I love capturing their family memories. This was also our first attempt at some custom Christmas cards. My sister in law designed the family card, and my wife designed my niece's card.